Lighthouse project and AWS - ATRACT

ATRACT is award winning

ATRACT is a project funded by the AWS and winning project of the lighthouse funding program 2022 of the Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank

The aim of the lighthouse funding program “Innovative employment models and employee concepts for the hotel industry and gastronomy” is for touristic destinations and businesses to engage with the current challenges on the labor market and to jointly develop innovative solutions by creating new concepts and putting them into practice. ATRACT managed to convince the jury with its innovative project “Reorientation Recruiting Professionals”. The project “Welcome back in Tourism” addresses professionals in Austria and the EU and aims to get people enthusiastic about the industry.

Already in 2021 ATRACT was able to impress the Austria Wirtschaftsservice and was described as a ONESTOPSHOP FOR TOURISM. The holistic concept and business model that is designed for the long term with its 3 pillars – find ­– train – place was met with enthusiasm from the jury.