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As an employer in the tourism industry, you can join the ATRACT cooperative and redesign the employee situation with us. As a hotelier and restaurateur, you can benefit from our wide range of services!


Thanks to our unique EU-wide network

Our EU-wide network is unique. Through various initiatives, such as Europe-wide social media and recruiting campaigns, cooperation with tourism colleges and universities and local crew scouts, we find suitable candidates ranging from qualified tourism professionals to auxiliary staff. Applicants must undergo an aptitude test. ATRACT pre-selects the right candidates for the member companies. As an ATRACT member, you have exclusive access to our pool of applicants. This means you can find the right employees quickly and reliably.

Training camps for the perfect start, workshops and more

To ensure a successful start with your future employees from different countries, we prepare them for their new job with our training camps. Skills, abilities and specialised knowledge are taught alongside tourism-specific German training. We provide our member companies with a realistic assessment of their new employee’s skills. We also set quality standards and targets in our ATRACT workshops together with our companies.

Quality standards, coaching and support

Even after you start your job, we won’t let you down. We organise our popular ATRACT Community Events for better integration. We accompany your new employees, visit them in your company and, through our support and coaching, ensure that the satisfaction of managers and employees is increased and that working relationships remain long-term and sustainable. Both our career coaching to develop the talent of your employees and the ATRACT seal of approval have already had a very positive impact in ATRACT member companies and contribute significantly to reducing employee turnover.

How it works

ATRACT membership is divided into the following levels.

Joining the cooperative – Admission

You can apply online for membership.

We visit you in your company for an on-site inspection.

After that the first formal admission takes place

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Access to the employee pool – Membership

After acquiring your ATRACT membership, you will benefit from the following services:

  • You get access to our staff pool, you receive candidate overviews and professional consulting on a regular basis for your recruitment.
  • You get access to individual and selected service offers, which are only available to our members.
  • You will receive ongoing support from our ATRACT experts.
  • You have a voice in the general assembly.
  • You can actively take part to further develop ATRACT.

We stand for FAIR employer relations.

Through many conversations, we have found out that many tourism companies want to be considered as a FAIR employer. For this purpose we have developed the ATRACT quality seal. As a member you can apply for it.

Yes, I’d like to become a member

What are the benefits? Your advantages with ATRACT

You didn’t steal your time. Therefore, it is tiring when you’ve looked at many candidates for a job, finally decided on one, and they end up turning you down. This doesn’t happen with ATRACT, because we do the preselection for you.

It’s peak season. Your chef chucked his job yesterday evening and left. Where do you get a quick replacement now? With our ATRACT candidate pool you are spoiled for choice.

A job advertisement costs between 500800, Euro, depending on the platform even more. In addition, you should present yourself well as an employer on several job portals. Your employer presentation costs another 5001.000, Euro/year. You might not only advertise on one platform, but on several. That adds up to a lot. How many advertisements do you place annually? Did you already calculate how much you spent on your candidate search last year? With ATRACT you benefit from set membership fees, transparent rates and additional services that you can choose yourself.

With the qualification for membership at ATRACT you will receive the ATRACT seal of approval, which you can use for your external presentation. Potential applicants will immediately see that you are a FAIR employer and will place their trust in you. This makes you more attractive to potential applicants and increases the rate of applications.

You have the opportunity to present yourself as an attractive employer on our marketing channels, like on our social media, website, newsletter, etc. We ensure maximum visibility within the right target group and within our candidate pool.

Our members commit to “FAIRNESS in the workplace”. We help you with qualification and visit you and your employees in your company, listen to both sides and coach your employees and managers.

What is said about ATRACT:

Daniela Kari-Ebner
Management Ebner’s Waldhof am See

“I like Atract’s idea of picking up employees and preparing them for their new jobs with training courses and workshops. They also give people an insight into what it means to work in Austria. Employees from abroad often come to Austria quite naïve or ignorant. They often have no idea what the expectations are and what it means to work here. Atract does a very good job here: they meet the employees where they are, give them an insight, train them and prepare them for their new employers. This makes it easier to get started and is also pleasant for me as a hotelier. You often employ people from abroad without really knowing them. That’s completely different at Atract. The people fit in better with the company and generally feel more comfortable. The training courses are also the key to the rapid integration of new employees. I would particularly like to emphasize that Atract works on people’s mindset. And I think that’s great.”

Become an ATRACT member

Become a member of the ATRACT cooperative and enjoy the benefits for you and your employees. Because happy employees mean happy guests.

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Matthias Kammerlander about ATRACT

(spoken language is german)

“8 ATRACT employees are currently with us and the nice thing is that some of them have been with us for a long time. This is a great distinction for us.”

Matthias Kammerlander, Kinderhotel Kröller

(spoken language is german)

Many heartfelt thanks to the owners of the Kleinwalsertaler Rosenhof for this great statement about ATRACT.⁠ The Rosenhof Hotel in Kleinwalsertal is a member of ATRACT and has been a symbol of warm, personal hospitality and passionately lived quality for 50 years.⁠ There are now around 35 “Rosenhöfler” working at the Rosenhof, because alongside hospitality, employee culture is highly valued here. ⁠