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As diverse and individual as our member companies are, as countless are the possibilities that are open to you with us. With us you will find the right job for you, according to your personality and training.

Chef and kitchen staff

You are creative and passionate, food makes you happy and you love really good and fresh food? If you’ve ever watched a chef fillet oranges, marinate meat or pluck herbs, you know what food porn is. Yes, being a chef is sexy as hell.

Other jobs in the kitchen

  • Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Commis de Cuisine
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Dishwasher
  • Pizza chef

5 reasons why it’s awesome to be a chef

  1. Cooks are more passionate
  2. Food makes happy
  3. On the 7th day god created the chef
  4. Best ingredients, really good food
  5. Chefs are adrenaline junkies

Waiters and service

Some flirt with them, others simply order food. Either way – every guest comes into contact with waiters. Their friendly smile and courteous manner applies to everyone. That’s why Mr. and Mrs. Austrian honor the waiter’s friendliness with a little tip.

Customs: Friendliness must be rewarded!

You have an excellent eye for detail and beauty, you are very communicative, and your well-groomed appearance is always a high priority for you. As a waiter, you set the tables, keep the menus ready, greet guests with your warm and friendly manner and advise them on the selection of food and drinks. You take orders, serve food and drinks, and you settle the bill.

Other jobs in service ⁠ ⁠

  • Restaurant manager
  • Head waiter
  • Waiter
  • Assistant waiter
  • Barman
  • Bar manager
  • Barista
  • Sommelier


Room & House

“Knock, knock, housekeeping.” Tidiness is half the battle, and the housekeeping staff is responsible for it. The room keeping staff cleans the rooms and bathrooms, changes the beddings, cleans and vacuums the floors. The career path towards senior executive housekeeping who takes care of handling schedules for subordinate staff, hotel decoration, room inspections and the like, is not far.

Other housekeeping jobs

  • Janitor
  • Roomkeeping

Reception & Administration

“To listen well and always remain authentic – I believe that’s what makes a good receptionist!”


Quoted by Nikola Farkas on his nomination at the AICR Congress, which annually nominates the “International Receptionist of the Year”. One who should know.

(Note that good to very good German language skills are required)

You like to start a conversation with a friendly smile, you are a good listener, and you stay calm even when things get hectic? As a receptionist you welcome and say goodbye to the guests of a hotel. You take care of all the formalities upon their arrival, hand out room keys and cards, and inform guests about the hotel’s services and excursion opportunities in the surrounding area. You have a very versatile profession and can make a career as a reception manager.

Other jobs in the hotel

  • Reception
  • Event management
  • Marketing
  • Human resources

Pool & Wellness, Beauty, Lifestyle & Spa

As an employee in the spa and wellness area, you create beautiful moments of relaxation for your guests. From the romantic couple treatment, the Thai-Yoga massage to the facial treatment, the therapist, masseur or cosmetician creates an unforgettable vacation highlight for the guests. As a sauna attendant, on the other hand, you are responsible for a little more action and provide the ultimate hot kick with your infusions.

Other jobs in the wellness/spa area

  • Masseur
  • Cosmetics / Hairdresser
  • Lifeguard & Sauna attendant
  • Therapist
  • Yoga instructor

Animation & Fitness and Shop

Please note that you will need a very good knowledge of German for these jobs, as you will be in constant contact with the guests as an animator, childcare worker or shop manager.

As an entertainer you are communicative, sporty, creative and enjoy working with people of all ages. What animators appreciate most about their job are the relaxed atmosphere, the varied tasks and the friendships that develop among colleagues and with guests.

More jobs in the animation, fitness and shop area

  • Animation children’s club
  • Child care
  • Animation sports club
  • Trainer sports club/fitness club
  • Store manager
  • Store salesman

Jobs at mountain railroads and ski lifts

Tourism is highly diversified in German-speaking countries. In addition to career opportunities in hotels and restaurants, mountain railroads also offer a spectrum of job opportunities.

Some jobs at mountain railroads and ski lift operators

  • Ski lift attendant
  • Cable car operator
  • Station attendant cable car
  • Parking service employee
  • Electrical engineer cable car

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