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Hello at ATRACT®!

Your recruiting partner for a FAIR job in Austrian tourism and the German-speaking neighbouring countries.

ATRACT is the top-rated personnel service provider for the tourism and leisure industry in Austria and neighbouring countries, with a fairness programme and career plan for long-term, high-quality employment. We stand for your fair working conditions.

Our innovative ATRACT programme offers you optimal preparation for your job. ATRACT is looking for enthusiastic, friendly people with little or no experience who are interested in working in the hotel and catering industry.

We have the perfect job for you!

Are you looking for your perfect job in tourism in Austria or the German-speaking neighbouring countries?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Because ATRACT doesn’t just provide you with great jobs at fair employers. We offer much more:

Support with lots of information, training and coaching tailored to your needs.

Choose from different working models – seasonal and year-round.

You will be supported in your career and work for an employer with a seal of quality for “fairness in the workplace”

Ongoing support and assistance, great community with like-minded people.

Personal support for your life and work in Austria or the German-speaking neighboring countries.

All this is included for you.

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Pia Hernegger

Crew & Community

Your advantages with ATRACT

  • We will accompany you from your home country to your new ATRACT employer.
  • For career changers and assistants! Take part in our 5-day ATRACT training camp with top trainers. You will learn important skills, basic knowledge, work processes, expand your personal skills and much more!
  • ATRACT will cover 90% of the costs, including German courses, accommodation and meals.
  • You will receive an ATRACT certificate.
  • We match you with your future, fair ATRACT employer.
  • You are part of the ATRACT community with other like-minded participants.
  • With our coaching on the job, we accompany and support you in your career planning on an ongoing basis.
  • We support you with your further career goals.

Find out more about our programme and your future job in Austria and the German-speaking neighbouring countries!

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You can take part in a LIVE WEBINAR every Tuesday at 11am!

In the WEBINAR you will find out why it makes sense to pursue your career with ATRACT. Topics include FAIRNESS in the workplace, living and working in tourism, salary conditions, social benefits and other advantages. Pia will take the time to answer all your questions and help you with the information you need to apply for the ATRACT programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an employee you have a work agreement/contract with your employer in which your wage will be regulated. This is regulated in Austria’s collective labour agreement for the tourism and catering service industry.

The wage depends on your qualification, skills, knowledge, working hours (40/48 hours), working days (5/6 days)

There is a legal minimum wage which is quite attractive.

For example: A cook with professional training receives a minimum wage of € 1.575 (for 40 hours/week) plus two bonus payments (holiday compensation and Christmas bonus) plus insurance.

We are always accepting applications. Apply here or visit our Infowebinar for more information.

After reviewing your application, we will invite you to a job interview (online or on-site) to discuss your career and opportunities with ATRACT.

Above all, you should be motivated and willing to work abroad!

We are looking for motivated people who like to develop professionally and personally and see their future in tourism and leisure industry.

Basic knowledge of German is definitely an advantage. If you do not speak German, English B1 Level is required.

Different positions require different levels of experience and education. Consult with your ATRACT representative during the interview process.

Before the seasons (winter/summer) we organize several camps that prepare you for the working world in Austria. Before the camp we provide an online Zoom meeting with the workshop “Living and Working in Tourism” and online German classes.

For the training camp in Tyrol, we meet in one of our member hotels (Sunday to Friday). ATRACT will cover 90% of the costs of the training camp (workshops, German courses, training sessions, etc.), including accommodation and meals.

In the camp we simulate the workflow (for kitchen, service, housekeeping) of the hotels in Austria and give you an insight into the life in Austria in a workshop about integration and personality.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate and become part of the ATRACT community and will be matched to one of our member hotels for your first job in Austria.

German is very important for your life and work in Austria and speaking German makes everything much easier. You don’t have to speak German at the beginning, but basic knowledge of English (A2/B1 Level) is required. We can also switch to English in conversations, so you understand everything. You will get access to online German courses and live courses in the training camps. German courses are also offered in many companies, but it is important that you take care of the language acquisition yourself. We provide tools, but you have to use them!

As an employee you have a work contract with your ATRACT Member employer in which your wage will be regulated. This is regulated in Austria’s collective labour agreement for the tourism and catering service industry.

The wage depends on your qualification, skills, knowledge, working hours (40/48 hours), working days (5/6 days)

We have a compulsory liability insurance system in Austria.

This means employees are fully insured under the General Social Security Act (ASVG). The insurance fee is automatically deducted from your monthly gross salary.

ATRACT members provide private accommodation and meals for their employees. Some of the accommodations have their own cooking facilities.

ATRACT has different member hotels located in Austria, south tyrol and Bavaria and we are expanding continously. The hotels are of different types, from the small mountain guesthouse to the bigger wellness hotels. Some employ less than ten employees, some more than 50. We make sure you find the right employer for you.

Our crew members are part of the ATRACT community and form a network. It is important to us to have a lively exchange, feedback and help so that every new applicant finds a connection easily. Community events keep everyone in touch and experience the country in a variety of ways. Whether at the Christmas market or on a trip to the forest – the shared experience is important.