ATRACT Initiative - ATRACT

ATRACT – the cooperative for FAIR tourism

ATRACT is organized as a cooperative and stands for FAIR cooperation.

Our goal is to counteract the shortage of labor in tourism and the leisure industry in a targeted and futureoriented manner. ATRACT was founded by experienced tourism professionals, service providers and experts as a cooperative private initiative.

Since we pursue a clear goal, we can dedicate ourselves completely to our cause. What one person can’t do alone, many can.


Shape the employee situation in tourism anew with us!

Gain a significant competitive advantage in the labor market with our Recruiting 4.0 – ‘find, train, place’ approach, our cooperative orientation, and our seal of approval.

As members of the cooperative, ATRACT’s customers are also owners and constitute the highest authority in the general assembly. Our values are founded on cooperation and treating each other at eye level, fostering loyalty, trust, and a sense of community.

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Board of Directors

Mag. Karin M. Kirchmair-Lindner
Founder & Board of Directors, Management Board
Alexander Prachensky
Founder & Board of Directors
Josef Kirchmair
Founder & Board of Directors

Many thanks to the owners of the Kleinwalsertaler Rosenhof for this great statement about ATRACT.

ATRACT works

Both our career coaching to develop the talents of your employees and the ATRACT seal of approval have already shown very positive effects in ATRACT member companies and contribute significantly to reducing employee turnover.

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