Costs/Models/Additional packages - ATRACT

ATRACT rates

As an ATRACT member, you benefit from many advantages and opportunities for you and your employees. You can choose from different tariff models. Choose your service packages as individually as they fit your company and your employees.

Admission and membership

For your ATRACT membership you pay a one-off and an annual fee.

Contributions are calculated according to full-time equivalent employees (FTE).
(Example: 2 half-time employees = 1 FTE)
one-time < 10 FTE bsp. 45 FTE
Admission fee due immediately from € 800,- € 2.500,-
Shares refundable 1 share 5 shares
Member fee from € 600,- € 1.800,-

ATRACT Fairness Programme

Use the ATRACT Fairness Programme to convince new employees and consolidate the existing workforce.

plus VAT
one-time < 10 FTE bsp. 45 FTE
Fairness Programme payable after 3 months from € 2.000,- € 4.000,-
Audit form € 500,- at cost

fair matching rates

You pay for the successful placement of employees through ATRACT. We also offer you a fair tariff model in the event of a change of employee within the ATRACT companies.

plus VAT
Position Basic contribution (one-off) Monthly contribution from the 2nd to the full 9th month of employment
Support staff € 1.650,- € 165,-
Skilled worker € 1.950,- € 195,-
Trainee & GIG Worker € 500,- € 125,-
Change after 6 months within the ATRACT companies
Basic contribution 50 %
Monthly fee for 6 months